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How our subscriptions work

Step 1.
We ship you one free bag of our freshly roasted beans

We send you one 333g bag of our freshly roasted beans, you cover the shipping. All of our coffees can be used as espresso, or filter *We do not pre-grind coffee at this time

Step 2.
This order auto-renews every four weeks

We'll send you one monthly shipment of coffee based on how much coffee you drink at home unless you pause, cancel or modify your plan. We'll send you a 7 day notification before the next order cycle. You're in control.

Step 3.
Adjust or cancel at any time

Add or subtract bags from your monthly coffee shipment, discover different coffee origins - you can customize your subscription at anytime from a simple account portal.

Step 4.
Make a difference

Every kilo of coffee that we deliver supports the businesses of small-scale farmers, and encourages sustainable agriculture. Learn more about our approach to responsible sourcing on our Impact page.

Easy brew recipes

It doesn't take much to optimize your home brew. Our team has developed preparation guides for the most common brewing methods at home.

Brew recipes

The purpose that drives us

We believe there's a better way to do business, and building a fairer and more sustainable future for coffee is our raison d'être.

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