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Delicious coffee shipped every month at an affordable price

Step 1.
Select the coffee you want

Take a short quiz to discover how much coffee you need every month. *We do not grind coffee at this time *All of our coffees are single-origin, can be used as espresso or filter, and are roasted fresh, weekly in our Montreal facility

Step 2.
Get coffee every four weeks

Subscriptions auto-renew every four weeks, unless you pause, cancel or modify your plan. You're in control, and we’ll send you a reminder before each delivery cycle. All subscriptions ship on Wednesdays. If you build your subscription before Saturday 11:59 p.m. (EST), it will ship that coming Wednesday. Orders placed after this cutoff will bump to the next calendar Wednesday.

Step 3.
Save money

Access our wholesale price when you build a monthly plan. Our coffee costs you less than $1 a cup.

Step 4.
Make a difference

Our coffee supports small-scale farmers and sustainable agriculture. Learn more on our Impact page.

From a better place

Supporting the businesses of small scale farmers is at the heart of what we do. *Insert some line about YOU helping us to amplify our impact*

A great cup every time

Brewing is the final and often the most critical step in your coffee's journey. Following some simple guidelines and techniques will ensure that you realize the full potential of this journey and are able to enjoy it each and every time.

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