Our sourcing ethos

For us, coffee is more than just our favourite drink. It’s a global network that connects and impacts millions of people across oceans and continents, from farm to coffee table.

In our supply chain, we are devoted to transparency, and making decisions that positively impact our environment and the businesses and livelihoods of the farmers that supply us. We are committed to supply chain transparency, amongst suppliers in our vertical, and forward to you. Scroll below to read about the principles that inform our purchases.

We encourage small scale farming businesses

There are three main archetypes of coffee farms in the world: commodity agri-businesses, large estates and smallholder farms. Smallholder farmers are the backbone of our industry, producing 80% of the world’s coffee, yet the most vulnerable in our supply chain. We choose to support their businesses and increase their access to market. Read about each coffees story on their respective single coffee product pages.

Why support small scale farming?

Smallholder farmers feel the impact of price and climate volatility the hardest. Of the many actors and transaction points in a traditional supply chain, smallholder farmers and farmworkers see the smallest returns on every pound of coffee sold and often rely on many intermediaries who take a cut between them and buyers.

Sometimes we buy from individual farm owners and may purchase their entire annual production, but the majority of our coffee is produced by groups of smallholder farmers called co-operatives or producers associations. Other times we’ll buy from washing stations that purchase fresh coffee from smallholders in the region, transform and export it, and provide services to the farming community. These systems allow very small farmers to gain access to the marketplace, and oftentimes, provide an alternative to the commodities market where they would make far less return for their crop. You can learn about such initiatives on every coffee's single product detail page.

sourcing ethos


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